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Build a Magic Mirror

A Magic Mirror is a mirror with a monitor behind it. When the light from the monitor shines through the mirror film, it appears your mirror has words on it. The Magic Mirror uses a Raspberry Pi, which is a small computer that plugs into the monitor and then can be coded to display whatever you want.

What a magic mirror displays:

  • The time

  • The date

  • Your personal calendars

  • The weather

  • News headlines

  • Quotes and any other phrases you want 

  • It also can connect to your Alexa

I started this company because 2 years ago I decided to make a Magic Mirror with Raspberry Pi as a summer project. I quickly realized there were very few websites that had instructions that were easy to understand for complete beginners. Although it was very frustrating at some points, I was fascinated by what I could do with some simple coding and the help of the internet. This was my first real introduction to STEM. I decided to build this website so other kids could be introduced to STEM in a fun and interesting way.​


My mission is to introduce all kids to STEM in a fun and interesting way. As we move further into the 21st century, STEM-related careers are rapidly increasing but men make up almost 2/3 of these careers. Therefore, all the profits from this company will be donated to the Play Like a Girl charity which teaches girls leadership skills and inspires them to pursue STEM careers.

For more about the Play Like a Girl charity   

Email me if you have any questions at

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