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Building Instructions

Software Instructions  

The presentations attached contain comprehensive instructions on how to download and program the software for the Raspberry Pi Magic Mirror. The format of these presentations is written instructions on the left and video explanations on the right. At the end of the second presentation, there are some troubleshooting and command tips. Start with the file named Software Part 1.

Hardware Instructions

These presentations have instructions on how to build the Magic Mirror. The slides are formatted the same way with instructions on the left and videos on the right. Start with the file named Hardware Part 1.

Add more features 

Connect your mirror to your calendar

This video shows how to connect your Magic Mirror with your Google calendar so the mirror will display your events as well.

Update calendar with your Alexa

This video shows how to connect your Alexa to your calendar so you can edit events through it. 

Note: if you were having trouble with software part 1 there have been several updates that should help. Updated 10/17/20 
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